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Photovoltaic tile

LULUTONG photovoltaic tile is the latest "high strength alloy resin tile for roof photovoltaic power generation" developed by Hunan LULUTONG Plastics Co., Ltd. the product executive standard is Q / okrko10-2017. The photovoltaic tile and the special fixed card have obtained the utility model and the invention patent. LULUTONG photovoltaic tiles are made of modified PVC resin as the main base material, and the surface layer is made of imported ASA engineering plastics by multi-layer coextrusion cooling. Photovoltaic tile has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, sun resistance, and has a service life of more than 30 years. With this kind of photovoltaic tile, the photovoltaic power panel can be directly embedded into the bearing groove of photovoltaic tile without aluminum alloy frame, bracket and fastener, and the four corners can be fixed with the positioning card developed by the company.

LULUTONG photovoltaic tile a revolutionary product changing photovoltaic installation mode

Without the traditional aluminum alloy fastener and guide rail, the double-sided toughened glass power generation board can be directly put into the card slot with the special card with four corners

Aging service life of more than 30 years

Greatly reduce the construction difficulty and installation cost

PVC resin is used as the main material, with the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, sun resistance and long life

Comparison between the traditional color steel tile and the new type of LULUTONG photovoltaic tile

The traditional color steel tile roof began to rust in varying degrees five years later. If it is not maintained regularly, it is easy to leak rain. Its service life is generally about 9 years. If photovoltaic power generation needs to be installed, the roof tile needs to be replaced. The cost is huge and the construction is troublesome. The color steel tile roof needs to be waterproof before photovoltaic.LULUTONG photovoltaic tiles are made of anticorrosive and antirust materials, with a service life of more than 30 years, and also have excellent anticorrosive and sunscreen performance. Before photovoltaic construction, there is no need to worry about water-proof problem, and the photovoltaic board can be directly embedded and fixed with buckle.。
Comparison of installation methods of traditional color steel tile and new type of photovoltaic tile of Passepartout
The installation of photovoltaic panels no longer requires metal brackets, fasteners, and aluminum alloy frames. The solar panel is embedded in the bearing groove of photovoltaic tiles, and the special positioning card can fix four corners, which greatly reduces the construction difficulty, shortens the construction time, and saves more than 60% of the time.
The traditional aluminum alloy bracket for color steel tile needs to be fixed on the tile with snap first, then the guide rail is installed, and then the component is fixed with snap

Good heat dissipation effect

Photovoltaic panels are installed on the photovoltaic tiles, and a similar "chimney" structure is formed between the tiles on the inclined roof. Under the sunlight, the air in the chimney is heated, the air density becomes smaller and flows upward, forming the convection effect of the chimney, thus playing the role of cooling photovoltaic panels. Under the same conditions, the surface temperature of photovoltaic panel is about 4 ℃ lower than that of bracket installation. So as to effectively improve the efficiency of power generation.

Good heat resistance

Passepartout photovoltaic tile has good heat resistance, its micro card softening temperature is ≥ 81 ℃, the surface temperature reaches 84 ℃ after sunlight irradiation, and it will not become soft.

● excellent load resistance

It has good bearing capacity. It is tested that under the condition of support distance of 1.55m, 400kg / m2 will be loaded without crack and damage.

Good sound insulation effect

It has been proved that it has a good effect of absorbing noise when it is affected by external noise such as rainstorm and strong wind.

Excellent corrosion resistance

It can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals for a long time. The results show that there is no chemical reaction in salt, alkali and acid with concentration below 60% for 24 hours. It is very suitable for chemical plants, acid rain prone areas and coastal areas, the effect is particularly significant.

Strong fire resistance

It is a kind of fire-resistant material. According to GB8624-2006 standard, the fire performance is ≥ B1, and the oxygen index is ≥ 34%. There will be no open fire due to accidental partial discharge.

● good impact resistance at low temperature

Due to the use of alloy technology, it has a strong impact capacity. Through the test, 1kg steel ball falls freely from 3m high without crack, and its impact resistance at low temperature is also very significant.

Excellent self-cleaning performance

ASA on the surface is dense and smooth, hydrophobic, similar to "lotus leaf effect", which is not easy to absorb dust. Once washed by rain, ASA is clean as new. And it is not easy to hang snow, reducing the risk of collapse caused by heavy snow load.

Excellent insulation performance

It is an insulating product, which will be intact in case of accidental discharge. Not afraid of lightning, not afraid of discharge, good electrical insulation (voltage greater than 2000V, no breakdown within 15min). The arc will not break through or burn through the photovoltaic power generation system due to partial DC discharge.

Excellent thermal insulation performance

The thermal conductivity is 0.325w/m.k, which is far lower than that of clay tile, cement tile and color steel tile. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of LULUTONG brand photovoltaic tile is much better than that of traditional tile material without considering the thermal insulation layer. If you add insulation materials, the insulation effect can be comparable to the villa roof.

● fast installation

The effective width of LULUTONG brand photovoltaic tile is 1080mm, which has higher pavement efficiency, convenient loading, unloading and transportation, and more cost saving. The installation time on the photovoltaic tile is more than 60% less than that on the bracket.

● stable size

It has low coefficient of expansion and biaxial tensile properties, which can ensure the relative stability of geometry even if the temperature changes greatly.

● green environmental protection

It does not contain asbestos and radioactive elements and can be recycled. It is a typical green environmental protection product.

It has been proved by experiments that the photovoltaic tile of Passepartout has excellent load resistance and is suitable for the existing steel roof