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Merchants Joining

LULUTONG company will build its brand with precise brand positioning, advanced brand concept and professional brand building and standardized brand management. Together with the dealers, we will continue to invest in the brand cost, constantly improve the brand awareness, recognition and reputation of Jinniu, and help you develop and improve the market in your region. ​
Each region is equipped with professional personnel to provide services for dealers and cooperate with dealers to manage the market. The service personnel of the company will pay close attention to the market trend, provide perfect market operation scheme, provide professional marketing training for dealers' personnel, tell professional knowledge to provide their professional quality, and answer relevant market problems raised by agents in time.
According to the characteristics of the product, provide the unified design guidance of product publicity, system display, sample display, etc
The company has a wide range of products. A complete range of products, to ensure that quality and quantity on time to provide customers with high-quality products. The company can provide customized product services according to the actual engineering situation of the customer's site. (customized products will not be returned, only maintenance services will be provided) standard model products can be repaired or returned according to (product repair, return (replacement) policy)